Modeling Uncertainty,Decisions and Interaction

Unimib Research Lab | DISCo Department

We are a informatics research lab of DISCO Departement of University of Milano – Bicocca
We focus our studies and projects on Human-Computer Interaction,
Decision Support Systems, Complex Systems and Uncertaintly.


The main research areas are Human- Computer Interaction, Decision Support Systems, Complex Systems, Uncertaintly

Stage & Thesis

The internships offered by the Mudi laboratory are many, for example…


The MUDI group is formed by Professor, PostDocs, Phd Students and Past Students

Where can you find us?

+39 02 6448 7861

Building U14 – Room T032 Viale Sarca 336 20126 – MILANO

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Hexagram 16

Hexagram 16 is named 豫 (yù), “Providing-For”. Other variations include “enthusiasm” and “excess”. Its inner (lower) trigram is ☷ (坤 kūn) field = (地) earth, and its outer (upper) trigram is ☳ (震 zhèn) shake = (雷) thunder.